Simple Skin

Skin. The absolute bane of my existence. If it’s not dry and covered in eczema then half my face is sliding off under the oil spill that is my forehead. And so sometimes, despite wanting to spend a month’s rent on ‘miracle’ products, I have to go back to the basics.

And what are these basics then, I hear you ask? Well, it’s Simple. Quite literally. Simple products have been knocking about for a while now and so need no introduction from me. I’m sure many of you have used something from the Simple range over the years, or know someone who has if you haven’t yourself. I first started using them when I was given a moisturising kit one Christmas several years back during a particularly bad eczema stint and am utterly convinced they helped clear it up.

Simple’s motto, ‘kind to skin’, just about says it all really – packed with vitamins and free from alcohol and oil they pretty much do exactly what they say on the tin (packet, box, tube, etc – you get me).

In light of the fact that I’m approximately 14 months away from a very BIG day in my life and my skin still resembles that of my 15 year old self I decided to get back to basics this summer and see if I couldn’t sort it out once and for all. And whilst I do love the moisturisers, face wipes (a staple in my make up box – that’s right, BOX), cleansers and toners, what I found myself gravitating towards this time were the newer products on the market – in particular, the ones for eyes. Working three jobs and planning a wedding does little for the old eye bags these days, so it didn’t take much persuasion for me to crack open the eye brightening cream. Pared with the revitalising eye roll-on I can honestly say my eyes are brighter and more refreshed. I’ve long been an advocate of eye cream (prevention is better than a cure, or something like that) but found that sometimes eye creams can make bags worse. Using the wrong kind or overuse can load the delicate skin under the eyes with product, dragging them down, so earlier this year I took a break from using them. Unfortunately, I then went and got myself a job that involves early starts (4.30am, anyone?) and lo and behold, the eye bags were back with a vengeance.








I use the roll-on around 3 or 4 times a week, mostly on said days when I’m up at the crack of dawn and it feels like my eyes are actually stuck to the floor. Somehow, and this defies all my logic, this little gem is always cold, thus perking my bags up a treat. I tend to use the brightening cream just before bed. This makes no sense as it’s more of a daytime thing than before bed (as suggested on the packet), but in the interest of time (I’ll say it again: 4.30am, people) I slap it on before sleep.

Now, the thing about being tired is that it makes putting my make up on even more of a challenge than usual. Mistakes happen, and at 4.30am they aren’t pretty. Enter the eye make-up corrector pen, an ingenious little device that means I can be as slap dash as I like and go back afterwards and tidy up in one quick swipe – a-mazing. 








And lastly, my personal fave and new handbag essential, the moisture boost hydro mist. Now, one of my three jobs requires me to spend an unholy amount of time in a van driving around the Kent countryside – idyllic it might sound, but it’s not exactly the ideal for a dry skin situation, so this is perfect; a couple of little spritzes and my face feels fresh again. Plus, this doesn’t interfere with my make up – if anything it actually perks it up a bit.








So there you have it, the essentials for summer skin this year. Although I use the term ‘summer’ loosely as, well, you know, it’ll probably rain now I’ve said it…