Laura Oakes for Elemis

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed so far this year it’s that everyone and everything seems to be celebrating an anniversary or milestone of some sort. The Jubilee aside, there have been some pretty exciting developments and celebrations within beauty this year, but the one that’s really struck a particular chord with me is the release of Elemis’s Limited Edition Papaya Enzyme Peel.

Launched in celebration of it’s 10th year of production, Elemis have doubled up not only with African fund-raising charity SOCO but also British artist and photographer Laura Oakes, whose flagship studio is a mere stones throw from my very doorstep in Rye, East Sussex.

Laura has been creating vintage-inspired prints using her unique “digital decoupage” technique (layers of vintage and hand-drawn imagery combined with her own photography) for a range of well-known companies (Liberty, to name but one) for quite a while now and her work is not only charmingly unique but also instantly recognisable. So in honour of its 10th Anniversary, who better to design a one-off line of packaging for the brand?















Obviously as soon as this landed on my doorstep I couldn’t wait to try it out, so after cleansing my face I slathered it on and sat waiting eagerly for the recommended 10-12 minutes. Being that the word ‘peel’ is in the title I was kind of expecting (and hoping) it would do exactly that – literally peel off a layer of my face. So I sat, anticipating some sort of burning or stinging…and I couldn’t have been more wrong. This really isn’t that kind of peel, and being an Elemis product I probably should have known better – the natural fruit enzymes used in its creation mean that rather than attack the skin and strip it of any moisture, they instead simply gently dissolve any superficial dead skin cells without causing any interference or irritation.

After washing away with a damp muslin cloth I realised just how well this had worked (I was kind of worried that the non-stinging or burning meant nothing was happening) – my skin was fresh, matte and super soft.

Having used this a few times in the past couple of weeks I can definitely vouch for the claims that it makes skin softer and more radiant. How you use it is entirely up to you, but for me the best results seem to be just before applying my make up once or twice a week as it keeps skin matte and fresh-looking for the best part of the day.

If you’re after a pick-me-up product to see you through the summer, then you can start forming an orderly queue at your local Elemis stockist from tomorrow (1st June).