The Pearly Queen

The old saying goes that you should never judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to the packaging of beauty products I’m 100% guilty of doing just that very thing. Judging. Many a product has been purchased on the premise of what it’ll look like on my dressing table much to the detriment of other products which probably work just as well, they’re just not pretty enough to make it home with me (it’s like I have beauty beer goggles, or something like that).

It’s a particularly bad practice of mine and I know I should try before I pass judgment on what’s within, but I just can’t help being drawn in by something that looks, well, nice. It’s that simple.

So when something comes along that’s just as good on the inside as it is the outside then it’s a bit like winning the beauty jackpot; shallow as it is, it almost certainly guarantees I’ll purchase it again and again.

And this is exactly how I felt last week when I was lucky enough to preview the outcome of a collaboration of products between fashion supremo Pearl Lowe and a new premium beauty brand, DP London. Pearl, as many of you may already know, is best known for her vintage-inspired line of clothes for high street favourite Peacocks, whilst DP London is a relatively new brand on the scene, and one which is definitely going to be making an impact over the next few months.

Adding to the launch of several hot new home and body products by DP London is the introduction of Pearl’s first foray from fashion into home and lifestyle with a limited edition candle collection…















And it’s not just the packaging that’s immense. The Spiced Punch candle (pictured above, the one I literally ran home with) is a lovely warming winter scent. Think rich mulled wine and you’d be there with this, which will be perfect for the coming colder months (so long Glade Plug In, your days are numbered). For £30 you can snap this up, OR for the same price you can purchase Pearl’s limited edition boxed trio collection – three miniature candles in Spiced Punch, White Flowers and Citrus Flowers. I kid you not, Citrus Flowers is literally to die for.  Plus, all of the candles are made purely from 100% natural wax and are free from palm oil and paraffin.

So now we know all about Pearl, what about DP London? Who the hell are they and why will they change your life? Now, I could sit here and give you a hundred reasons why you should go and check them out, but I’ll spare you all of that and just show you instead…

DP London Body Oil, £34 for 100ml

DP London candle trio, £25 for 3x 50g

Individual DP London candles, £28 for 190g






















My top tip? Nab that body oil right now – it’s going to be HUGE. I tried some out and unlike other body oils it sinks right into the skin without leaving that rancid greasy residue some others have the tendency to (hello, massive dry cleaning bill).

Like Pearl, DP’s main ethos is to create products that use natural rather than synthetic ingredients, thus making them better for you AND the environment at the same time. All the products are reasonably priced (considering the time and effort taken to create them) and the packaging is uber chic – sometimes less really is more.

If, like me, you constantly need to be within 5 meters of some lush looking things like this then you can get in on the act now. Visit Selfridges or for Pearl’s home hotties, or, if you want more of a spend up (and why wouldn’t you) then you can get everything in one hit from DP London.


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