Look here…

While I started this blog as a way to quench my thirst (and hopefully that of others) for the best buys in the beauty world, my first real passion in life has always been (maybe predictably so) fashion.

Like I explained in my very first post, I don’t and won’t claim to know everything there is to know where fashion is concerned, but I certainly know what I like – whether it be Primark or Prada.

My particular weakness where clothes are concerned has always been dresses. So vast is my collection that I can (shamefully) go an entire year wearing a different dress with coordinating accessories every single weekend; many an eyebrow has been raised – first by my Mum and now my boyfriend – as I try to sneak new purchases into the house and squirrel them away for the next appropriate occasion. I can’t help it. It’s honestly an addiction – although as this picture proves, it might be more of an unhealthy addiction than I first thought….

My clothes rail collapsed this very morning. No joke. Oops.









The problems is, I just can’t throw things away. I like to think of my wardrobe as like a kind of fashion archive – a sentiment that’s actually paid of several times over as the older items come back into fashion and some even become considered vintage (see, if you think about it I’m actually saving money in the long term. Honestly).

So that’s why, when I saw Look’s blogging competition, I knew I had to enter. (Live blogging from the front row of LFW this September? With cocktails? And a £200 shopping voucher? Yes, yes, yes.) Yes, there are probably people better informed to win than me, who have bigger, shinier, prettier blogs than me, but am I going to let that stop me? No. I’ve spent my life reading about fashion, buying the latest fashion and then wearing it to death; I’ve probably spent more time at H&M than home and I consider a walk down Oxford Street a better workout than the Power Plate. I. Need. To. Win. (Please).


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