Faking it

I don’t like change. It kind of freaks me out. That’s why, when I find a beauty product/style of clothing that I like, I stick with it. This was definitely the case with my choice of fake tan. I thought I’d genuinely found one that suited me and actually worked.

Well, that was the case. Until I got an email from Tesco last week alerting me to their newest budget beauty addition, St. Moriz. According to Tesco it’s the tan of choice for tan-addict TOWIE girls Chloe Sims, Amy Childs and Billie Faiers, so ever the curious I decided to give it a go.

Now, I have to be honest, I really wasn’t expecting much. As I said, I’ve been tanning for years and tried everything going before settling with a mid-range brand that seemed to suit me. But on Monday night I took the plunge, exfoliated, moisturised and cracked open the St. Moriz. And, as I smeared the dark brown lacquer all over my legs a slight panic ensued – the lotion appeared to be turning my skin an almost greenish colour. What. The. Hell. However, knowing that these things tend to change colour as they develop, I persevered (plus I wanted to be one colour, not half pasty white, half greenish brown).

And I was not disappointed. This is probably hands-down the best fake tan I’ve ever used. Within 15 minutes of applying the lotion I was a deep, golden brown colour with not a hint of orange in sight. The lotion itself is sweetly scented, but once on the skin there’s no odour at all – not even so much of a whiff of digestive biscuit/burning hair. Another bonus point was the drying time; I could get dressed within 5 minutes of application and it set straight into my skin meaning there were no tell-tale marks around the collar/armpit area of my PJs the next morning. Bonus.

I’ve since applied a second coat and am even more impressed. The second application was more seamless than the first – possibly because the mitt I used wasn’t so dry – and it seemed to glide on much better. In particular I’m very impressed with how it’s turned out on my hands, feet and face, and around the armpit area – these are always tricky areas to get right, especially around the hairline and in between fingers and toes – but this is flawless and truly does look like I’ve been sunning myself in St. Tropez, not squeezing it out of a bottle of St. Moriz.

How my legs look this morning, after two coats of St. Moriz Instant Tan Lotion.

However, I would say that while the fast drying time is a bonus point, it’s also a flaw if you’re rushing – you have to be quick to blend this in one you start applying, especially on larger areas like the legs as it sets incredibly fast – and once it’s dry it does not budge. I made this mistake the first time round, though don’t be too disconcerted if you do the same; any streaks or mistakes can be easily rectified with a quick scrub in the shower.

The full St. Moriz range incorporates a Self Tanning Mousse Medium, a Self Tanning Mousse Dark and a Self Tanning Lotion (the one I road-tested) and all are priced at £3.99 until the 30th August, going up to £4.99 thereafter. And, to celebrate the launch in stores nationwide, Tesco are offering all customers who purchase any St. Moriz product a free 75ml Tan Maximising Body Exfoliating Polish – though you’ll have to get your skates on if you don’t want to miss out!





See, sometimes change is as good as a rest.


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