The fabulous four

I’ll keep this short and sweet. If you buy anything else this summer, make it one (or all) of these…

Lips: It was kind of inevitable that Topshop would branch out into make up eventually. And when they did, it didn’t disappoint. My favourite lipstick of the moment is this jazzy number, aptly called Brighton Rock. At only £8 it’s a steal.

Nails: Unable to afford a luxury Manx manicure and having spent the equivalent on metallic nail varnishes that, in all honesty, were a waste of time/money, I died a bit last week when I came across these luscious falsies. Not everyone’s cup of tea I know, but if you’re looking for something a bit different then head to Superdrug immediately and snap these up for £7.10. Also available in Molten Silver.

Face: The latest skin craze sweeping the West actually originated in the East; B.B creams are the product of the moment. B.Bs – which stands for either Blemish Balm, Blemish Base or Beblesh Balm – have long been used by skin-savvy women in Asia and each one is said to have unique skin healing properties, be it anti-wrinkle, anti-blemish or the promotion of even skin tone. However, those wise owls at Garnier have cottoned on to the concept and created a B.B cream that rolls all these properties into one. This hybrid formula offers to hydrate, protect skin from UV damage and even out skin tone and texture in one clean sweep. I’ve been using this for little over a week now and can testify that it does exactly what it says on the tin. If you haven’t got some yet then make a dash to Superdrug now; it’ll be the best £9.99 you’ve ever spent.

Eyes: When Max Factor discontinued their 1000 Calorie mascara a few years back I shed a few silent tears; it was the best. Nothing since has quite compared to that and I was all set to splash out on some Dior Backstage gubbins when a friend happened to introduce me to this. At only £10.99 it was an option that saved me a tenner and didn’t disappoint – even on my stubby, pathetic excuse for eyelashes. 


Faking it

I don’t like change. It kind of freaks me out. That’s why, when I find a beauty product/style of clothing that I like, I stick with it. This was definitely the case with my choice of fake tan. I thought I’d genuinely found one that suited me and actually worked.

Well, that was the case. Until I got an email from Tesco last week alerting me to their newest budget beauty addition, St. Moriz. According to Tesco it’s the tan of choice for tan-addict TOWIE girls Chloe Sims, Amy Childs and Billie Faiers, so ever the curious I decided to give it a go.

Now, I have to be honest, I really wasn’t expecting much. As I said, I’ve been tanning for years and tried everything going before settling with a mid-range brand that seemed to suit me. But on Monday night I took the plunge, exfoliated, moisturised and cracked open the St. Moriz. And, as I smeared the dark brown lacquer all over my legs a slight panic ensued – the lotion appeared to be turning my skin an almost greenish colour. What. The. Hell. However, knowing that these things tend to change colour as they develop, I persevered (plus I wanted to be one colour, not half pasty white, half greenish brown).

And I was not disappointed. This is probably hands-down the best fake tan I’ve ever used. Within 15 minutes of applying the lotion I was a deep, golden brown colour with not a hint of orange in sight. The lotion itself is sweetly scented, but once on the skin there’s no odour at all – not even so much of a whiff of digestive biscuit/burning hair. Another bonus point was the drying time; I could get dressed within 5 minutes of application and it set straight into my skin meaning there were no tell-tale marks around the collar/armpit area of my PJs the next morning. Bonus.

I’ve since applied a second coat and am even more impressed. The second application was more seamless than the first – possibly because the mitt I used wasn’t so dry – and it seemed to glide on much better. In particular I’m very impressed with how it’s turned out on my hands, feet and face, and around the armpit area – these are always tricky areas to get right, especially around the hairline and in between fingers and toes – but this is flawless and truly does look like I’ve been sunning myself in St. Tropez, not squeezing it out of a bottle of St. Moriz.

How my legs look this morning, after two coats of St. Moriz Instant Tan Lotion.

However, I would say that while the fast drying time is a bonus point, it’s also a flaw if you’re rushing – you have to be quick to blend this in one you start applying, especially on larger areas like the legs as it sets incredibly fast – and once it’s dry it does not budge. I made this mistake the first time round, though don’t be too disconcerted if you do the same; any streaks or mistakes can be easily rectified with a quick scrub in the shower.

The full St. Moriz range incorporates a Self Tanning Mousse Medium, a Self Tanning Mousse Dark and a Self Tanning Lotion (the one I road-tested) and all are priced at £3.99 until the 30th August, going up to £4.99 thereafter. And, to celebrate the launch in stores nationwide, Tesco are offering all customers who purchase any St. Moriz product a free 75ml Tan Maximising Body Exfoliating Polish – though you’ll have to get your skates on if you don’t want to miss out!





See, sometimes change is as good as a rest.

Look here…

While I started this blog as a way to quench my thirst (and hopefully that of others) for the best buys in the beauty world, my first real passion in life has always been (maybe predictably so) fashion.

Like I explained in my very first post, I don’t and won’t claim to know everything there is to know where fashion is concerned, but I certainly know what I like – whether it be Primark or Prada.

My particular weakness where clothes are concerned has always been dresses. So vast is my collection that I can (shamefully) go an entire year wearing a different dress with coordinating accessories every single weekend; many an eyebrow has been raised – first by my Mum and now my boyfriend – as I try to sneak new purchases into the house and squirrel them away for the next appropriate occasion. I can’t help it. It’s honestly an addiction – although as this picture proves, it might be more of an unhealthy addiction than I first thought….

My clothes rail collapsed this very morning. No joke. Oops.









The problems is, I just can’t throw things away. I like to think of my wardrobe as like a kind of fashion archive – a sentiment that’s actually paid of several times over as the older items come back into fashion and some even become considered vintage (see, if you think about it I’m actually saving money in the long term. Honestly).

So that’s why, when I saw Look’s blogging competition, I knew I had to enter. (Live blogging from the front row of LFW this September? With cocktails? And a £200 shopping voucher? Yes, yes, yes.) Yes, there are probably people better informed to win than me, who have bigger, shinier, prettier blogs than me, but am I going to let that stop me? No. I’ve spent my life reading about fashion, buying the latest fashion and then wearing it to death; I’ve probably spent more time at H&M than home and I consider a walk down Oxford Street a better workout than the Power Plate. I. Need. To. Win. (Please).