There’s no place like home.

Anyone who knows me (like really well) knows that one of my all time favourite films is The Wizard of Oz. I’m not a huge film fanatic as it goes, but when there are ruby slippers and a cute little dog involved then it’s a whole different matter (mostly the shoes though, they basically look after themselves).

So when I got invited to the Tesco Christmas 2011 preview day last week you can just imagine my excitement when I walked in to be greeted by this glorious sight:

Yep, that’s right, your eyes deceive you not; those really are a pair of giant ruby slippers. And let me tell you when you’ve spent an hour trudging down Regent Street in the pouring rain and turn up looking like a drowned rat in a dress that’s gone see through then there’s really not a better greeting.

And it didn’t stop there. The whole day was themed around the wonderful Wizard of Oz and it was A.Maze.Ing.

So I thought, what would be people rather see? A whole bunch of Christmas decorations (albeit beautiful ones) in July when we’re *trying* to get into the swing of summer? Or would you rather see just how incredible the actual day looked and how you can take one legendary film and turn it into your interior inspiration? Totally the latter right?

Although I loved feasting my eyes (and my stomach) on the gorgeous Christmas treats, what I really came away thinking about was just how amazingly homely everything felt. I’m forever looking for new ideas on how to decorate and make things look just a little bit different around my house, whether it be with cushions and crockery or paintings and pictures. Needless to say, this gave me a lot of food for thought…






























































How amazing is that vintage-inspired crockery? Want. It. All. Of course I couldn’t leave without having a sneak peek at the clothes and let me tell you, Tesco are pulling out all the stops where festive fashion is concerned this year…















Unfortunately most of this stuff isn’t available until October at the earliest, and the clothes/accessories are likely to be a Tesco Direct jobby, but if there was ever a reason to welcome in the winter then this lot is it. Who even needs Christmas?!