Waste not, want not

It’s happened to all of us some point. Whether it’s from a family member or a friend, we’ve all received a present we’ve a) either already bought for ourselves, b) received minutes before from someone else and had to pretend we’ve not already got or c) just don’t like, to be perfectly honest.

I escaped this little conundrum this year round, but I’m sure there are lots of you out there who didn’t. Well lucky for you people, the British Heart Foundation has come up with a canny solution and one which is sure to extend the Christmas cheer well into the New Year.

The Unwanted Christmas Gifts stock appeal is the BHF’s way of making sure those gifts you simply don’t want or need can find themselves a new home – and it’s a good job, seeing as two in three people (66%) have admitted to getting at least one unwanted gift every Christmas.

According to the BHF, the ‘festive jumper’ was crowned the most unpopular gift this Christmas with nearly a third of people claiming this was the present they would least like to receive (30%). Other unpopular choices included the ‘latest celebrity biography’ with over a quarter of the vote (28%); ‘novelty pants and socks’ (16%); homeware and even a jar of pickle!

Mike Lucas, BHF Retail Director said: “People often receive perfectly good presents that are simply not to their taste, are the wrong size or they may have been given two of the same item. Whether it’s a jumper that’s too small or a book you’ve already read, your donations could mean a great deal to a patient suffering from heart disease.”

All you have to do is donate your unwanted items to your nearest BHF store, and let the rest take care of itself.

For more information, visit bhf.org.uk/Christmas or call 0844 412 5000 to find your nearest shop.




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