Give a little, get a little

Given that I’m half way to deciding which way to decorate my tree and have already started on the mulled wine, I’d say that Christmas is getting pretty darn close. And for the first time ever I’m one present away from being totally ahead of the game this year.

However, I still feel for those of you that are in the midst of a total present-based panic; Christmas almost isn’t the same without it. Almost.

If you’re still struggling with gift inspiration, but are also faced with a serious lack of festive funds, then look no further than the British Heart Foundation this year.

Charity shops are the places to shop theses days, promising plenty of purse-friendly vintage finds. And many are, to the surprise of some, branching out into the mainstream gift market. The British Heart Foundation is one such example, and has an excellent combination of old and new. For example, this Christmas I’ll mainly be accessorizing my outfits with these beauties:

Painted bead necklace, £5.99

Wood disc necklace, £5.99

Mixed bead necklace, £5.99



















This is just a taste of what you can find on the British Heart Foundation’s website (click right here for that), and, of course, the best part is that shopping here ensures you’ll be giving a little to those less fortunate over the festive season.

It’s almost guilt-free shopping; is there anything better than that, I ask?!


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