Lip Sync

If there’s one thing I’m meticulous (read: borderline obsessive) about, it’s skin care. If awards could be given for cleansing, toning and moisturising, then I’d have a wall full.

However, the one thing I’m not meticulous about is looking after my lips. I appreciate the irony; while my face is smooth, soft and fresh, my lips are a flaky, chapped nightmare (a pretty picture, no?).

But all that could be about to change. Last week, I discovered two little miracle products that are set to protect and perfect my pout this winter.

Enter Lush, who I imagine most of you, if not all, will be familiar with by now. If you aren’t, then I advise you to go and find your nearest store and stand outside for a few seconds – the name will soon speak for itself.

Anyway, in my newfound quest for a seriously smooth smile I picked up this dynamic duo, from their new Christmas-inspired Frost Fair range:

Lip Dip lip scrub. Contains scrubby sherbet, Fairtrade sugar and almond oil.










I’ll be the first to confess I’ve never used lip scrub before, but this stuff has completely converted me. Containing actual sherbet and a sprinkling of Fairtrade sugar, this is the ultimate in sweet treats.

The pot instructs you to rub a little over each lip, but I found it worked best when lips were rubbed together after application.

And for the record, it actually tastes even better than it smells, though I’m not entirely sure whether licking the product off your lips (repeatedly) is to be strictly advised. Anyway…

…Following the scrubbing session came some much needed moisturising. And what could be better than this:

Snow Fairy tinted lip balm (£3.95). Contains softening murumuru butter, along with cupuacu butter, dried raspberries, sherbet and icing sugar.










Although it looks a daring shade, this actually comes across as more of a subtle sheen when applied to the lips, giving a hint of colour that could be built on to give a more dramatic look if you so wish. Again, this smells sensational – just think of those classic fruit salad sweets and you’re on the right lines here.

And the best bit? Snow Fairy doubles up as a cheek highlighter too, proving itself a useful make-up bag multi-tasker.

This is definitely an example of how good things can come in small packages; these portable pout perfecters need only be used sparingly, so should easily see you through the long, cold winter months.*

So beat the rush, head to Lush and your lips will be sore no more!**

*Assuming you don’t use them obsessively. Which I have not. At all.

**Sorry. I couldn’t resist.


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