Afternoon Delight

When there’s a sneaky little vintage fayre parading its wares on your doorstep it’d just be rude not to go and have an obligatory rummage, would it not?

Well that’s exactly what I did one afternoon a couple of weekends ago when I caught wind of one being held in a local village hall a stone’s throw away.

Despite being a small (and undeniably quaint) affair, the hall was literally bursting at the seams with all sorts of vintage treats, and I was overcome by that overwhelming feeling of not actually being able to decide where to feast my eyes first (not even an exaggeration, honestly).

Of course, seeing as a tight budget always dictates how extravagant my shopping sprees are these days (apparently food is a necessity) I couldn’t splash out on everything, but had I been in possession of a spare £95 then this antique bracelet and earring set would have found itself a new home in my jewellery box…








It wasn’t an entirely fruitless mission, though. Just as I was about to leave I spotted these beauties glaring at me from one of the stalls:

Not only are they my size, but they’re in near-perfect condition as well as being bang on trend for this season. AND they were only a mere £10. With a percentage of each item sold being donated to charity, I obviously couldn’t resist.

Moral of the story? Never turn down a good opportunity to shop when it comes your way!


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