Confessions of a spendaholic

Before I start going for it in the Big, Bad Blog World, I just need to confess to a couple of things. Firstly, despite the nature of the blog, I’m no self-certified (or otherwise) expert on fashion (apologies). I’m no die-hard expert and won’t claim to be; hell, I’ve even been to London Fashion Week a grand total of three times now and got it horrifically wrong on the fashion front each and every time. So much so the first time, that whilst in line for the Betty Jackson A/W ’07 show, a woman behind me made a point of ensuring everyone else in the queue knew just how fat my arse looked in my satin tulip skirt (to be fair, she was probably right, but that’s not my point).

Secondly, I’m currently battling a 24-year-long disease which means I can’t actually walk into a shop without walking out without proof of a purchase in hand. This probably isn’t helped by my enormous appetite for magazines, fashion blogs and the fact I actually have to restrain the urge to take pictures of people whose outfits make my jaw literally drop in the street. For the most part, these everyday things are my combined inspiration, and that’s about as far as my expertise on the subject go.

That doesn’t stop me loving fashion though. And for that reason I don’t think anyone needs to be an expert. I just know what I like and try to wear things that make me feel good.

Ultimately, fashion and beauty are about fun, and that’s why I love writing about them. They’re constantly changing, and everyone has their own opinions/interpretations. Plus, who doesn’t like to just look sometimes…

Anyway, my point is that whilst I might not have Vogue-credentials, appreciating fashion through reading/writing and simply observing is something that everyone can do, regardless of budget. So I hope you’ll join me in doing exactly that.


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